Upcoming exhibition

- Ensemble -

18 . 06 . 2020
opening 17h - 20h
at Galerie La Forest Divonne, Brussel


- Alle rechte lijnen zijn gebogen - 

21 . 06 . 2020
opening 10h - 17h
at Villa Carpentier, Ronse

The landscape, a patchwork of elements dominating each other, a precarious balance stretching out around us, composed of contradictions, both human and natural.
A constant striving for power, utopian domination.

My sculptures and objects arise from this perception and examine the utopia of a malleable world, a reflection on landscape as a metaphor for a condition humaine. The landscape is presented as a plane for the projection of desires and clichés. Its surface is frayed, cut up and glued back together again in a renewed scenery that blurs boundaries between inside and out. This condition implies a constant pushing along, a contortion of form and movement.

By combining recognizable, everyday forms and materials with my own constructions, a new and unique language of form is created. Sculptures and installations function like neologisms: they are grafted onto situations we know, but exist in and create a parallel sculptural reality. Whereas the materials seek to connect with reality, the form actually rebels against it.

Lighting plays a significant role in this process: it encompasses and defines the sculpture,
but at the same time underlines the autonomy of the world presented.
An ambiguous image is created that balances on the verge of reality.
Whether the resulting proposals are utopian or dystopian is left aside.

For us, the question remains: is the temptation of the image really inhabitable?

© Tinka Pittoors