For a few decades now, Tinka Pittoors has been drawing a unique and unusual journey based on a carnal and intimate relationship to nature and on a malicious tenderness for our consumer society. This duality is reflec- ted in sculptures both organic and industrial, naive and sophisticated, which invent representations of the world tensed by an underlying violence. Joyful and disturbing, they evoke the myth of Daphne as much as the double face of Janus: Daphne by the invasion of plants wether they are a transformation or a suffocation; Janus by the double game between nature and culture, between lightening and impasto, between plants and objects of consumption, between beginnings and ends.

For the exhibition, Tinka looked at a genre dear to classic Flemish painting, and gave shape to strange «still lifes». She reverses their narrative process though, by confronting them, without moralization or judgment, to our society. It is no longer the symbolic hold of man over nature, but the exact opposite. Of man or woman remains only their shoes fixed in their gangues of matter, meanwhile leaves and tendrils climb to the assault of metallic structures that are reminis- cent of so many of our buildings. Through the invasion of these strange ivies and by compacting our own objects of consumption, each sculpture seems to remind us of our presumption in wanting to dominate the world. With Tinka’s objects, though, existential interrogation is never heavy or opaque. Colorful and baroque above all, they daze us with pleasure and enchantment.

Isabelle Pouget



*2019  Daphne and me, Galerie La Forest Divonne, Brussel Mu inthecity, dS De Standaard,                  Klara, ARTs Libre, Knack, Mad Le Soir, L’Evantail, Collect, H ART

2019    L’art chemin faisant, Pont Scorff, Bretagne

2019    Watou, Saudade, Poëziezomer

2018    Franky Michielsen, De Bijl, Zoersel

2017    Nieuwsblad, Birdscape Ninove

*2017  Thijs Demeulemeester, sabato, De Tijd

*2016  Hilde Van Canneyt, 100% Expo

*2016  Ringo Gomez, DeMorgen Magazine

2015    Christine Vuegen, HART

*2015  Stef Van Bellingen, Vormidabel, Museum aan zee, Den Haag

2015    Sam Steverlynck, MONSens au BAM, Mons

2015    L’Echo-L’affirmation de l’art des fous, MONSens au BAM, Mons

*2015  Johan DEBRUYNE, “Autoscopy”, Broelmuseum, Kortrijk, H ART

2014    Annelies Nagels, zaaltekst, de Warande Turnhout

2014    Marc Ruyters, Dysideological Principle

*2014  Juliana Engberg, Sydney Biennale

2014    Juliana Engberg, Sydney Biennale Guide

2014    The Guardian, Sydney Biennale

*2014  Watou, Over klein geluk in tijden van overvloed

2014    Guy Duplat, La Libre Belgique

*2014  Roger Pierre Turine, La Libre Belgique

2014    Colette Dubois, Suivez la vague du vent, H ART

*2013  Marc Ruyters, H ART

2012    Caroline Smulders, Unlimited Bodies/Corps sans limite, Paris

*2011  Dominique Legrand, Au-delà du miroir, la poésie de l’interdit, Le Soir



‘Tinka Pittoors’ Symbolic Violence


‘Tinka Pittoors’ Dysideological Principle